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Naish GLide 12' AST review

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  Naish Glide 12 AST

The Glide 12’  AST is the entry level race SUB in the Naish’s range. It is the very first PtP that we’ve tested so far. Did it live up to our expectations? Read on …


Naish Glide 12 AST

As SUP race events are growing in  number fast, major Brands like Naish and Starboard are putting more and more efforts in developing more efficient paddles and faster SUP PtP boards.
One of the first dedicated PtP boards to be put on the market was the Naish Glide 12’ AST. Ever since the Glide 12’ was first introduced, more than one year ago, we were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to test it. Thanks to Michi Schweiger of Naish Int.  we eventually put our hands (well, feet …) on this board and tested it for three straight days.

  • Specifications 

Length : 12’ = 365,76 cm

Width : 29 3/4" = 75.6 cm

Thickness : 5 1/4” = 13,3 cm

Tail: Pintail

Nose: Point Nose

Fin : Naish 10,5” = 26,7 cm

Volume : 218 Lt

Weight:  12,2 Kg. with fin


  • Construction and features

The Glide’s construction quality is, as in the Naish tradition, top notch. The AST technology (Epoxy/EPS/glass) ensures excellent impact resistance and durability not at the expense of the overall weight of the board, which is light (around 12 Kg), considering its size and volume.

The fin is a classic Naish 10.5’’ pretty good for cruising and even riding small waves. A bit less raked fin, more or less of the same size, is recommended for SUP racing though.

The board is equipped with a built in handle an always welcome feature especially in this class.

The Glide features a TT box for SUP Sailing. The pad is excellent and all the testers agreed on its good grippiness.

Naish Glide 12 AST
Naish Glide 12 AST
Naish Glide 12 AST
Naish Glide 12 AST
  Naish Glide 12 AST
     Naish Glide 12 AST 
    Naish Glide 12 AST
  • Performance

We must confess that we were quite puzzled about how to properly test this board. In fact, it is clear that the Glide 12’ is faster than a regular SUP Cruiser by simply looking at its streamlined shape (canoe like).  We didn’t really want to come out with something like “OK this board is fast!” since such a statement, pretty obvious in this case, would be not only straightforward but also of no use for every paddler interested in buying that board. So the question is not whether the Glide is fast. Of course it is! The real and more interesting question is how much faster it is compared to a normal SUP cruiser. 

So, in order to roughly answer this question we run a comparative test between the Glide 12’ a brand X 12’ and the Naish 10’6’’ on a 7 Km course. Before getting into the details, let’s put in a few words about the test conditions and first impressions of the board.
The test was performed by three paddlers weighing between 62 and 87 Kilos. Each tester rode in turn the three SUBs with their own paddle to ensure that any differences in performance could be attributed directly to the boards. It was mandatory for the testers to keep the paddling cadence below the 50 cycles min,  more like in a normal Cruising session, as well as following the same route.

Test conditions, while not ideal, were good with slightly choppy water and Westerly wind ranging between. As we said earlier, the test course was 7 Km long, the first half upwind and the second (the return leg) downwind.

First impressions among all the testers characterized  the Glide as stable, extremely fast and smooth with the only drawback being some occasional vibration while hitting the biggest chops. The row factor was barely noticeable. Speaking of speed, all the testers agreed on the fact the Glide was the fastest SUB ever tried and quite frankly that was expected, since they had not paddled a SUP race board before.

But you are waiting for the magic numbers, aren’t you? There we go! The following table summarizes the average (for the three paddlers) performance of each board in the first leg of the course.

Naish Glide 12

As you can see, the Glide took the top spot with a time of some 40 minutes in the upwind leg. The times scored by the testers paddling the Brand X 12’ and the Naish 10’6’’ were far higher over such a short course: 7 and 9 minutes respectively. Since the gaps in performance between the three boards were confirmed in the downwind leg, we chose not to report the related values in the table. Indeed, the figures were down (around 35%) for each board in this part of the course.

Pics by C.Stefanini

 Construction quality 
 Paddle -

Naish Glide 12


So, let us come back to the question from which we started this review: how much is this board faster compared to a normal cruiser? Well, the above data do speak for themselves and prove that a dedicated, yet entry level PtP board is way faster than a cruiser in the same class. So the Glide does glide great (pun intended!) and if you plan to compete in the 12’ class in SUP Long Distances and/or sprint races this is most definitely your board. Lighter paddlers will find the Glide 12’ very performing in the Umlimited (open) class too, but in that regards  bear in mind that Naish Surfing produces a 14’ and, believe it or not, a gargantuan 17’ Glide. The latter, apparently targeted to paddlers who compete in classic open ocean long distance races and downinds, features an innovative rudder system.

All in all, as an entry level PtP board and dedicated cruising machine, the Naish Glide 12’ is a great board. Easy, stable, fast, reasonably light, easy to carry around thanks to the built in handle and, last but not least, well built. As such it comes as highly recommended.



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