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RSPro® HexaTraction Review

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  • RSPro Hexatraction review


  • Introduction

A deck pad is not always featured by all the best production and custom SUP surfboards. Not to mention, recreational paddler and nose riders may want more traction in the nose area of their SUP boards.

Aside from buying and sticking a pad for boards not equipped with it, applying a base coat of surf wax is another option for creating an anti-slippery layer on the board’s deck but let’s face it: wax sucks! For one thing, wax might become slippery even after one long session, so you may want to make sure that your board has a fresh wax coat before paddling out and that in turn means removing the old wax’s layer. Then, as you know, wax acts as some sort of magnet for sand and is not friendly for your car’s interiors not to mention you have to choose the right wax for the temperature you're surfing in. So, sticking an EVA traction pad on a SUP board’s deck is way better than waxing it again and again. There is a better option, however: the HexaTraction by RSPro®. 


  • Features

The HexaTraction board grip and traction consists of adhesive textured hexagonal patches (18 full and 4 half hexagons). The full hexagons are 5.5 ‘’/14 cm from flat edge to flat edge. The patches are light, very thin, adhesive, translucent, temperature independent and easy to install. So, what’s in the (small cardboard) box? Well, the package is nice and minimalistic and doesn’t come with an instruction manual but, as a matter of fact, you don’t need it. It is sufficient to visit the Support-Installation section in the railsaverpro.com website and look at the video that we show in the next paragraph for your convenience.


  • Installation

We followed the producer's installation procedure thoroughly and the whole process turned out to be pretty straightforward. Suffice it to say we were able to apply all the patches on the deck of a Starboard Pro 7’4’’ Blue Carbon in roughly half an hour. Aside from choosing one and for all the best layout of the patches and then using the Y black template to correctly align them, the key point is to use plenty of water to properly lay down the patches. That’s it! That being said, now comes the obvious question: is the RSPro® HexaTraction effective in providing grip and traction to the paddler? OK, without further ado let’s move on to the test!

View the embedded image gallery online at:


  • The RSPro® HexaTraction put to the test

At first, paddling with our RSPro® HexaTractioned – sort of speak- board was weird, kind of like standing on a windsurfing board in terms of grip but not in terms of abrasion feeling. More importantly, all the benefits provided by the RSPro® HexaTraction were immediately tangible while riding waves. Plenty of grip and traction, let alone a more direct feeling with the board that cannot be ensured by an Eva deck pad. The only catch is that while wearing a wetsuit, we occasionally slipped off while standing on our knees as the wetsuit’s knee reinforcement patches proved to be a bit slippery on the hexagons. However, emphasis is on “occasionally” and let’s not forget that we tried the RSPro® HexaTraction on one of the more unstable production SUP surfboards available. Other than that, after countless of sessions, we’ve experienced no issues at all with this deck traction system. So no patches falling off due to weak adhesive and degrading grip and traction. In all, we all agreed on the effectiveness of the RSPro® HexaTraction.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

  • Conclusions and verdict

Easy to install and very light the RSPro® HexaTraction provides plenty of grip and a very direct feeling with the board not matched by any regular EVA deco pad. As such it comes highly recommended. Bye Bye Wax (and deck pad?)!

plus Provides excellent traction and grip, light, very thin, translucent, temperature independent, easy to install
minus A bit slippery for your wetsuit reinforcement pads

Higlhy recommended


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