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Kazuma Mamo 7'4''X28'' Review

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Kazuma Mamo 7,4 review



The Kazuma Hawaii Mamo line is specifically designed for beach breaks. On a curiosity note, the Mamo  is named after the omonymous hawaiian bird.  The board is indeed shaped by the hawaiian master shaper Matt Kazuma Kinoshita (an interview to Matt is available here. As usual, let’s start with the board’s tech specs provided below:





The Mamo features a curvy Egg shaped outline characterized by a rounded- point nose and a rounded pin tail. The maximum width of 28’’ is located at about midpoint of the length. The hull features a single concave at the nose and then turn into a double after the midpoint down towards the tail that in turn is pretty veed ("Triple Barrell" hull). The scoop rocker line is characterized by a pronounced nose kick and a moderate rocker. The rails are quite soft, more defined in the tail section and get more rounded towards midpoint. In all the shape looks well balanced and, shall we say, sexy.



Construction & Features

The Mamo line is available in the Carbon Pro technology. So, the board is built in carbon-epoxy sandwich construction that ensures a great resistance to impact. The board is light at just 15,2 Lb (6.9 Kg) with fins. Speaking of fins, the board comes with a good  Honeycomb FCS Quad Fin set combo by Kazuma, but it can be used with a Tri Fin setup also or a Five Fin combo for maximum grip. The Mamo features a good FCS ledged handle and a self-regulating Goretex air vent, (wisely) two leash boxes and an FCS plug in the nose to safely secure an action cam with FCS mount. Finally, the Mamo is equipped with a pretty good EVA deck pad with Tail Kick.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



We’ve tested the Mamo 7’4’’ in reef breaks with waves ranging from mushy shoulder high to solid, clean, double overheads +.

Stability – Lateral stability is very good and good respectevely for light and medium weight paddle surfers. Hevier paddlers may want to consider the bigger siblings of the Mamo 7'4'', the 7'8'' and the 8'.

Row – Not an issue for light paddlers. Medium weight paddle surfers may want to adopt a shortboard paddling technique to keep it to a minimum.

Takeoff – Good on small surf even in windy and choppy conditions. Not surprisingly, given the program of the board, in big, steep and fast waves the Mamo 7'4'' can't do miracles in that regards and standing close to the lineup is mandatory.

Nose Sinking – Pitching is not an issue with the Mamo!

Carving – While not being particularly fast (especially in steep sections) the Kazuma Mamo 7’4’’ is an extremely lively board that reacts to foot pressure very well. a perfect  Egg shaped SUP surfboard that feels at home in mushy conditions. Configured with a quad-fin setup the board has a very distinctive skatey feeling allowing very quick, snappy yet controlled turns.  Again, while we had a blast hitting very tight top turns with speed and control in small to medium sized fat waves,  in bigger surf the board struggled a bit getting waves and riding steeper sections. Its performance improved with a Thruster setup (MFC Kai) particularly in terms of control. Summing up, the Mamo 7’4’’ is a very lively, responsive board.

Making ot out – Easy, thanks to the pronounced nose kick and good stability (for light to medium weight paddlers).

Nose riding – Forget about it!

Suitability – Intermediate light paddle surfers. Advanced medium weigth paddle surfers.

Ideal Conditions – The Mamo 7’4’’ is specifically designed to ride mushy waves.

Tips – The Mamo 7’4’’ loves to be driven aggressively and quite flat in a Quad setup.



Conclusions & Verdict

The Kazuma Mamo 7’4’’ proved to be a top notch performer among small to medium waves exhibiting a combination of great turning abilities and control. The Mamo is well built, sturdy and light, not to mention, it comes with good fins. As such, we couldn’t recommend it more to light and medium weight Stand Up Paddle surfers looking for a surf shortboard-like SUP.

The Kazuma Mamo 7’4’’ ranks among the best SUP surfboard designed for mushy conditions tested to date. In these conditions the Mamo is, simply put, a hi performance machine that comes highly recommended.

plus Well built - Goretex self-regulating air vent - Fins setup customizability - Comes with good fins - Equipped with two leash boxes – FCS box for action cams - Good stability even in choppy and windy conditions (for light to medium weight paddlers) - Very good to excellent responsiveness for light to medium weight SUP surfers

minus -
Higlhy recommended

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