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Music To Paddle With. 06/2018. Elbow - Little Fictions

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Our CD of the month is “Little Fictions”, seventh studio album released by the English Rock band Elbow. The musical group was formed in 1990 by Guy Garvey (vocals), Mark Potter (Guitar) and Craig Potter (Keyboard). According to Guy Garvey, the Elbow’s musical influences range from Genesis, Talk Talk and Radiohead.  Yet, their sound is unique and diverse and nowhere close to mainstream. Even so, the band is very popular and all of their albums have made the top twenty of the UK Charts. Not to mention, Elbow have been awarded several prizes, including a Mercury Music Prize in 2008 for “The Seldom Seen Kid”. The lyrics of the the band’s album are inspired by real-life situations and deal with love, sentimentality and loss. Guy’s voice is warm, charming but at the same time always filled with passion and emotion.  As for the songs’ instrumentation that reveals an eclectic musicianship of the finest order with an interesting variety of sounds that never fails to surprise the listener. “Little Fictions” was released in 2017 and in the same year reached number 1 on the UK Charts, making the record the second to top the charts.

Elbow - Little Fictions

With “Little Fictions” Elbow are back on form after their slightly disappointing previous effort, “The Takeoff and Landing of Everything”. The album is extremely solid from start to finish with three tracks that stand out among the standouts:  “Gentle Storm”, “Trust the Sun” and “All Disco”. The very tracks that we couldn't wait to repeat over and over again after listening to the album for the first time, a total listening pleasure in terms of lyrics, arrangement and structure!  Perfect tunes to paddle by.


Track Listing

   1. Magnificent (She Says)
   2. Gentle Storm
   3. Trust the Sun
   4. All Disco
   5. Head for Supplies
   6. Firebrand & Angel
   7. K2
   8. Montparnasse
   9. Little Fictions
 10. Kindling

Genre: Rock, Pop, Alternative

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