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Music To Paddle With. 08/2018. Blue States - Restless Spheres

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Blue States - Restless Spheres

Our CD of the month is “Restless Spheres” fifth studio album released by the English electronic musical group Blue States. The band, based on London, was founded in 1997 by Andy Dragazis and released their first studio album “Nothing Changes Under the Sun” in 2000. The album achieved good commercial success in the UK and was acclaimed by critics that tagged the band as “Chill-Out King” and “The British Air”. However, with the second album, “Man Mountain”, the band managed to broaden its stylistic spectrum and even step out of the pure Chill-Out  genre in favor of a more cinematic musical style, keeping this eclectic approach in the following albums, case in point, their latest effort, “Restless Spheres”, released in 2016.

Blue States - Restless Spheres

“Restless Spheres” defies description fliting effortlessly from ambient to cinematic pop. In this album Andy Dagazis pays homage to musical icons such as Ennio Morricone, Phillip Glass, Harold Budd and Dieter Moebius covering a wide musical palette with emphasis on melody and texture. Highlights of the album are“D-Day”, "Statues" and "Protect Me Everywhere". Perfect tunes to paddle by!


Track Listing

   1. Alight Here
   2. Vision Trail
   3. D-day
   4. Restless Spheres
   5. Noodle
   6. Statues
   7. Beyond the White Light
   8. Fight the Dying Day
   9. Protect Me Everywhere
 10. Cable Ties
 11. Hiatus

Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Chillout

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