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Music To Paddle With. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

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Lana del Rey - Lust For Life

Our CD of the month is “Lust For Life”, fifth studio album released by the American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. Lana started her songwriter career in 2007 signing with 5 Points Records. Her first self-named album, “Lana Del Rey”, was released in Digital format only three years later. The album received pretty good reviews to such an extent that the next year the artist signed a joint contract with Stranger Records, Interscope and Polydor. Her second effort, “Born to Die” was released one year later and was hailed by the critics and fans alike. As a matter of fact, “Born to Die” turned out to be a stunning success, debuting at number two of the US Billboard Top 200 and ending up as the fifth best-selling album of 2012. In June 2014 Lana eventually released “Ultraviolence” an instant success as the album debuted as number one on the Billboard 200. After a fourth album released in 2015, “Honeymoon”, the artist released “Lust For Life” in 2017.

Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

Her musical style is admittedly influenced by Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin and Frank Sinatra just to cite a few. Not surprisingly, her sound encompasses a wide variety of musical genres, most noticeably Pop, Hip Hop and Indie. Her songs are often marked by a somber, nostalgic tone and personal lyrics. Lana’s voice is beautiful, sometimes ethereal, sometimes anguished. Moody and haunting, “Lust For Life” is a stunner. Highlights include “Love”, “Change” and “Get Free”. In sum, “Lust For Life” is a fantastic album. Perfect tunes to paddle by!


Track Listing

   1. Love
   2. Lust for Life (Feat. The Weeknd)
   3. 13 Beaches
   4. Cherry
   5. White Mustang
   6. Summer Bummer (Feat. A$AP Rocky)
   7. Groupie Love (Feat. A$AP Rocky)
   8. In My Feelings
   9. Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind
 10. God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women in It
 11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
 12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (Feat. Stevie Nicks)
 13. Tomorrow Never Came (Feat. Sean Ono Lennon)
 14. Heroin
 15. Change
 16. Get Free

Genre: Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie

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