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Music To Paddle With. NAO - The Grind Show

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Music To Paddle With. NAO - The Grind Show

“The Grind Show” is the fourth studio album released by the Scottish band North Atlantic Oscillation. The band, founded by Sam Healy in 2005, was named NAO after the North Atlantic Oscillation index that measures a large scale fluctuation in atmospheric mass between the Atlantic subtropical high and the polar low. Aside from the main singer, guitarist and keyboardist Sam, the Band consists of Chris Howard (bass and backing vocals), Ben Martin (drums, programming) and Bill Walsh. NAO released the first studio album, Grappling Hooks, in 2010 and gained instant recognition for their peculiar sound that blends Psychedelic and layered Prog-Rock sonorities. BBC Radio 1 evening show hailed NAO’s music as “super exciting new Rock & Roll for a new decade”. With Fog Electric, released in 2012, the band further explored their signature musical approach adding Shoegaze, Pop and Ambient influences, not at the expense of melody though. NAO released a third album “The Third Day” in 2014 and a fourth “The Grind Show” last year.

NAO - The Grind Show

This time the band’s lineup consists of the duo Sam Healy and Ben Martin. “The Grind Show” is a collection of great tunes each standalone but when listened to as a whole are even more rewarding. In that regards NAO prove that they did chose their name wisely. In fact, the album seamlessly fluctuates between very different styles and rhythms resulting in a great listening experience from the openerer, “Low Earth Orbit” to the last track “Kcenrebbur”. Standout tracks also include, the dynamic, beautifully paced “Weedkiller”, “Needles” and “Fernweh”. In all, “The Grind Show” is a fourth great album by a promising band. Great music to paddle with …


Track Listing

   1. Low Earth Orbit
   2. Weedkiller
   3. Fruitful Little Moons
   4. Needles
   5. Spinning Top
   6. Sirens
   7. Hymn
   8. Downriver
   9. Sequoia
 10. Fernweh
 11. Kcenrebbur

Genre: Psichedelica, Pop, Progressive, Shoegaze, Ambient

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