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Music To Paddle With. 04/2019. All India Radio - Echo Other

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All India Radio - Echo Other

Our CD of the month is “The Low Light”, fourteenth studio album of the Australian electronic band All India Radio. Founded in 1999 by Martin Kennedy, former member of the Melbourne based band Pray TV, the musical group published their first studio album, “The Inevitable” one year later. This first effort by the new band was hailed by critics and served as a blueprint for their future career. Musically the album was a combination of Ambient/Electronic and Cinematic soundscapes as if Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti met Thievery Corporation. The band’s success was further consolidated with the following albums to such an extent that their music has been featured in movies and serials such as CSI: Miami, Sicko, Till Human Coices Wake Us, One Tree Hill, Big Brother Australia, Bondi Rescue and Recruits. “Echo Other”, released this year, has received high critical acclaim.

All India Radio - Echo Other

It’s very, very difficult to describe the beauty of this album. Narcotic, psychedelic, cinematic, ethereal, you name it. Well, this time we won’t spoil it by adding a single word. Highlights of the album are “Four Three”, “Sunshine Briefly” and “Echo Other”. Just dim the light, close your eyes and listen. You’ll be catapulted in another dimension …  

Track Listing

   1. Tropic Of Unicorn
   2. Four Three
   3. The Time
   4. Sunshine Briefly
   5. Elizabethland
   6. The Quiet Ambient
   7. Song Of The See
   8. Mexicola
   9. Ghost Dirt
 10. Whistle
 11. Echo Other
 12. Endless Highway

Genre: Electronica, Ambient, Pop


Visit the band's website @

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