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Music To Paddle With. Olive - Extra Virgin

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Our CD of the month for August is “Extra Virgin” debut album released by the Trip-Hop British band Olive. The band was formed in 1994 by ex member of 'Nightmare On Wax' Robin Taylor-Firth, Tim Kellett who was in 'Simply Red' for a decade and the vocalist Ruth-Ann Boyle. The first effort from the band “Extra Virgin” hit the shelves in 1997 and was an instant success, both critically and commercially, with the single “You’re not Alone” hitting the top spot in the UK charts and the album selling 500.000 copies worldwide. A few songs from the album ended up being included in the soundtracks of popular movies, like “Sliding Doors” and Madonna’s “The Next Best Thing”. Unexpectedly Robin Taylor-Firth left the band one year later and the band began working on their second album 1998. It finally arrived in 2000 and was well acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

album cover
Musically the band combines Electronic Dance with Chillout and Trip-Hop, style typified by bands such as Portishead and the early Massive Attack. As a result Olive’s sound is warm and relaxing. Enjoyable as a whole, without filler tracks, “Extra Virgin” is a great album. Its highlights are the opening track “Miracle”, “Killing” and “Curious”. Perfect tunes to paddle by!
Genre: Electronic Dance, Trip-Hop, Chillout


Track Listing

   1. Miracle 
   2. This Time
   3. Safer Hands
   4. Killing
   5. You're Not Alone
   6. Falling
   7. Outlaw
   8. Blood Red Tears
   9. Curious
 10. You Are Nothing
 11. Muted
 12. I Don't Think So

Genre: Electronic Dance, Trip-Hop, Chillout

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