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To Paddle With. The XX - Coexist

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Music to paddle with

Our CD of the month is “Coexist”, second studio album released by the English Pop band The XX.

The band was formed in 2005 by Romy Madley Croft, Jamie Smith, Oliver Sim and Baria Qureshi. 4 years later the band released their first, self-titled, album. This first effort by the band, produced by Rodaidh McDonald, was acclaimed by critics and obtained a good commercial success. Suffice it to say that it reached number three in the UK Album Charts and in 2010 was awarded the Mercury Prize. On 5 September 2012 the band released the second studio album “Coexist” that earned an even greater success. The album reached number one in the UK and five on the Billboard 200. The band’s latest offering is the album “I See You”, released in 2017, another instant hit that topped the UK charts and hit number two on the Billboard 200.

album cover
The band’s sound is minimalist and unique blending several genres like Dream Pop, Indie and Electro Pop. Speaking of the album, “Coexist” is simply gorgeous from start to finish, without filler tracks whatsoever. Each song is unique and literally levitates from the speakers with intricate detail, incredible production and haunting vocals, just simply moving and sophisticated music. It’s very difficult to pick out any stand-out tracks in such a strong album but “Angels”, “Chained” and “Fiction” deserve a special mention. Perfect tunes to paddle by.


Track Listing

   1. Angels
   2. Chained
   3. Fiction
   4. Try
   5. Reunion
   6. Sunset
   7. Missing
   8. Tides
   9. Unfold
 10. Swept Away
 11. Our Song

Genre: Dream Pop, Indie, Electro Pop

Order the CD on Amazon UK @

The band's website http://thexx.info/home/

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