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Music To Paddle With. London Grammar - If You Wait

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London Grammar . If You Wait

Our CD of the month is “Truth is a Beautiful Thing”, second studio album released by the English band English Grammar. The musical group was founded in 2009 by Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic Major. The trio originally met at the University of Nottingham where started to perform music together. After completing the studies the trio moved to London to pursue a musical career. The band released their debut EP, “Metal & Dust”, in February 2013, followed by their debut studio, “If You Wait”, a few months later. If the EP created a lot of interest around the band (suffice it to say that it made the top five of the Australian iTunes charts), the latter was hailed by critics and fared well commercially, selling 70K e 300K copies in Australia and in the United Kingdom respectively.

album cover

In terms of sound and arrangement this first studio album by the band follows in the step of the EP they’ve already recorded, in two words, lyrics and minimalism. Hannah Reid’s intimate and hypnotic voice blends with layers of guitars, bass and drums creating soothing Ambient and Dream Pop soundscapes. Highlights of the album are “Wasting My Young Years”, “Strong” and “Flickers”. In all, this is an album that almost forces you to keep listening to it. Perfect tunes to paddle by.

Track Listing

   1. Hey Now
   2. Stay Awake
   3. Shyer
   4. Wasting My Young Years
   5. Sights
   6. Strong
   7. Nightcall
   8. Metal & Dust
   9. Interlude
 10. Flickers
 11. If You Wait

Genre: Rock, Ambient, Dream Pop


Order the CD on Amazon UK @


Il sito del gruppo musicale è https://www.londongrammar.com

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