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Music to Paddle With. Still Corners - Slow Air

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Our CD of the month is “Slow Air” fourth studio album released by the British musical group Still Corners. Still Corners is a musical project created by the songwriter/producer Greg Hughes and the singer Tessa Murray in 2011. Their first album, “Creature of an Hour” released in 2011 under the label Sub Pop, received good reviews. One year later Still Corners released a new single, “Fireflies”, hailed by Pitchfork Media as “best new track”. In 2013 the band released their second studio album “Strange Pleasures” under the same label. The album earned a good commercial success and critical acclaim as well as “Dead Blue” and “Slow Air” released in 2016 and 2018.

album cover
Classifying the band’s sound merely in the Dream Pop/Shoegaze category would be reductive as their musical approach is influenced by other genres such as Electronica, Indie Pop and, last but not least, New Wave. There lies the beauty of an album like “Slow Air” that encompasses the aforementioned musical genres even though this second effort from the band is a solid Dream Pop production marked by ethereal melodies, and lush guitar reverb. Yet “Slow Air” sound is minimalistic creating a quite simply magical atmosphere marked by the warm voice of Tessa Murray and great arrangements. Standouts tracks include the sweet opening track “In the Middle Of The Night”, “The Message” and “Sad Movies” but all the tracks of the album make for a pleasant, relaxing listening experience as a whole. Great tunes for a solitary SUP Cruising session.


Track Listing

   1. In the Middle of the Night
   2. The Message
   3. Sad Movies
   4. Welcome to Slow Air
   5. Black Lagoon
   6. Dreamlands
   7. Whisper
   8. Fade Out
   9. The Photograph
 10. Long Goodbyes

Genre: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Elettronica

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