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Music to Paddle With. Soundpool - Dichotomies & Dreamland

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Our CD of the month is Dichotomies & Dreamland, second studio album released by the band Soundpool.

The band was founded in New York in 2005, with a lineup including Kim Field (voice), John Ceparano (guitarist), James Renard (percussions), Mark Robinson (keyboards) and rotating bassists Ben Malkin, Rich Bennett, Dean McCormick and Andy Durutti. The band was later joined by the bassist Sanford Santacroce. The musical group released their first album, On High, in 2006. Two years later it was followed by Dichotomies & Dreamland. After releasing  a few singles and a third album, Mirrors in Your Eyes, in 2010 the band went on hiatus.


Soundpool’s sound blends Shoegaze with Disco music blends shoegaze, disco, and dream pop elements to create distinctly vibrant tunes with just a hint of pop trickling through. So the album is highly enjoyable and a treat for anyone looking for something a little different in music. Highlights are “Do What You Love”, “The Divides of March” and “Lush – What Becomes You”. Perfect tunes to paddle by!

Track Listing

   1. Welcome to Dreamland
   2. Pleasure & Pain
   3. Reality Sequence
   4. Do What You Love
   5. The Divides of March
   6. Only One
   7. Lush (What Becomes You): Crickets
   8. So Much for That
   9. Wide Awake in Dreamland
 10. Dream Sequence
 11. Butterflies: Explosion

Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop


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