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Adjustable Kahuna Stick™ Haka Review

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Kahuna Creations Haka Review

DIY Street SUP paddles? There are countless of ways to assemble one, often on the cheap side, but what about a production adjustable land paddle? Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to our brief review of the Adjustable Kahuna Stick™ Haka.

  • Introduction

Kahuna Creations was founded by Steve McBride in 2004. Utah-based, the company started out in manufacturing longboards (skateboards). After a few years, the increased popularity of Stand Up Paddling didn’t pass unnoticed by Steve that, at some point around 2008, was determined to bring the booming sport of SUP onto dry land. In 2009 Kahuna Creations introduced the first dedicated, balled land paddles.  “Land Paddling” or “Street SUP” was born thanks to the vision of Steve. The Haka, named after an ancient Maori War Dance, is the entry level model in the Kahuna Creations land paddles line.   


  • Construction & Features

The Haka features an aluminium shaft, a soft-grip handle and a Kahuna Road Blade (the new version). The blade, better yet, the head of the paddle, is rubberized 4” (10 cm) half-moon shaped and secured to the shaft by washers for easy replacement. The bottom of the blade is quite similar to the tread patterns of a tire’s contact patch. The paddle’s weight is around … so the Haka is way heavier compared to your SUP Carbon paddle but for a Street SUP use that’s not an issue at all. On the contrary, a carbon paddle could get easily broken due to a drop or strong impact on asphalt or concrete. Worst of all, carbon cracks might not be visible and breakage can occur in unwanted moments. Back to the Haka, the paddle is adjustable via push pin and can be lengthened or shortened in xx mm (2 ½ ”approx.) increments all the way from 4’6’’ to 6’’ (137-183 cm) and vice-versa depending on the height of the paddler. Notice that there is a setting just for carrying around the paddle. By adjusting the Haka to that setting, the paddle will be shortened to just 3’ 8’‘ (113 cm) and the head positioned in a parallel fashion with respect to the handle.

Haka Land Paddle

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  • On the road with the Haka


We tested the Haka with two Carver Surfskates (Kerrzy 28’’ and Resin 31’’) over six Street SUP sessions in all. The paddle was adjusted to the tester height.

Balance: pretty good. Compared to a top end 100% Carbon SUP dedicated paddle, the Haka is apparently heavier but that’s not an issue at all! On the contrary, we will go as far as to say that the added weight is great for balance.
Traction: great. The speed that can be achieved with just a few strokes is unbelievable. At a normal cadence it takes 3 minutes to cover 1 Km!    
Durability: no issue at all. The aluminium shaft is bomb-proof and the rubberized blade didn’t show any sign of wearing session after session. Indeed, depending on the use, after a while it must be replaced just like a tire.
Value for money: it retails at 89$ in the USA and around 119 € in Europe, so we’d say respectively excellent and good.


View the embedded image gallery online at:


  • Conclusions & Verdict

Way more efficient than a custom stick, the Haka is a great yet affordable land paddle. As such it comes highly recommended

Pros good quality, adjustable to fit every street SUPer height, head of the paddle very functional and easily replaceable, affordable
Cons slightly heavy

Higlhy recommended

Kahuna Creations

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