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Hornet Watersports Jaws MX2 adjustable review

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Hornet Jaws MX2 review

  • Introduction

Hornet Watersports is a designer and manufacturer of aquatic sporting products, particularly dragon boat paddles, stand up paddling paddles, outrigger canoe (OC) paddles and rowing oars. All the producer’s products combine quality with the graphic designs and styles that professional and recreational athletes want. Over the last two months we’ve tested the Jaws Rubber Edge MX2 95 vario paddle.


  • Construction & features

First things first, the paddle looks great with its blade’s stylish glossy graphics. The blade, made from 100% carbon,  features a rounded outline. Its area of 95’’, width of 7.8’’ and 11° blade-to-shaft offset reflect the SUP Surfing bias of this paddle. The profile is quite flat on the back while on the front it features a slight dihedral angle. The shaft, built in 70% Carbon 30% Fiberglass, is split into two pieces allowing quick and easy adjustments of the paddle length in increments from 155 cm (61") to 230 cm (91"). The adjustment system is quite functional but it lacks an anti-twist feature. Furthermore, while we would have rather preferred an even lower adjustment for shorter paddlers, we were impressed by the sturdiness of the paddle even when fully extended. On a side note, a useful ruler is incorporated on the inner shaft in both cm and inches, clearly showing the adjusted length. Speaking of stiffness, as expected the Jaws MX2 is softer compared with a paddle featuring a 100% carbon shaft. On the other hand, the stiffness of a full Carbon paddle increases load on the upper back and shoulder. That in turn may result in fatigue, even injuries over prolonged sessions. Still, such a paddle offers the best combination of performance and lightness but without the  flexibility needed to prevent placing excess strain on the shoulders and back. That’s why we like softer paddles like the Jaws MX2 (notice that the standard, not adjustable version features a full carbon shaft). As far as the grip is concerned, the classic, soft D–handle featured by the paddle is pretty good. The diameter of the shaft is pretty much standard. There is no SDM or RDM version of the Jaws MX2. With a weight of 534 g the Jaws MX2 is reasonably light for an adjustable paddle. In all, the paddle looks great and meets the highest quality standards. Finally, the paddle doesn’t come with a blade cover and, aside from the fixed version, is also available in a vario (adjustable) 3 piece adjustable version.


View the embedded image gallery online at:


  • Performance

So the paddle is well built and nice looking but how does it perform on the water? Read on to find out.

Power: the 7.8’’ wide blade provides good horsepower and bite. The slight softness of the paddle, while being forgiving on the paddlers' shoulders and arms, subtracts a bit of power;
Cadence: Excellent thanks to the combination between the blade’s reduced width and area work;
Fluttering: despite the flat power side of the paddle, the paddle is not too prone to flutter;
Balance: Adjustable paddles don’t fair as well in the balance department and the Jaws MX2 is no exception;
Weigth: Reasonably light for an adjustable paddle;
Grip: Good.


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Conclusions & Verdict

  • Conclusions & verdict

Excellent for SUP Cruising/Touring and pretty good for SUP Surfing the Hornet Watersports Jaws MX2 is a great paddle that, despite the (few) flaws common to adjustable paddles, comes highly recommended to paddlers of all levels.

plus Good construction quality - reasonably light for an adjustable paddle - forgiving - soft and powerful at the same time – provides an excellent cadence.
minus  No RDM or SDM option – no blade cover included – no anti-twist feature

Higlhy recommended
Visit the producer's website @

Hornet Watersports


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